Cruz-Javier Reception at RECIPES

Cruz-Javier Reception at RECIPES

Recipes and its flavorful dishes have been the perfect venue for special family occasions. With no exception is this very intimate wedding, held last December 2013 at Recipes, Solenad 2, Nuvali. Read more from the bride herself, Melissa Javier-Cruz as she narrates her Recipes Reception to us:

What actually made us decide to host our reception at Recipes, Nuvali was the fact that it was the only chic restaurant we could find that was not so far away from our wedding ceremony venue – Finster Chapel, situated within the Adventist University of the Philippines in Putingkahoy, Silang. We were actually considering a restaurant in Tagaytay, but the drive was inconvenient to us and to our guests, most of whom were coming from Quezon City on the wedding day itself.

After making final arrangements with those in charge of the wedding venue, my now husband and I dropped by Solenad to have our lunch. It was our first time to visit Solenad at that time so we kind of went around looking for somewhere nice to dine in. It also somehow provided us with an idea of a reception for our wedding banquet since it was just about a 5-10minute drive from AUP. Upon arriving there, we visited two restaurants that we thought would be great venues. However, both had already been booked for that particular day.

"An intimate wedding reception at RECIPES."

“An intimate wedding reception at RECIPES.”

We were about to leave Solenad when hubby spotted Recipes. Hopeful, we immediately went and asked one of the staff if the restaurant could accommodate us for our wedding reception. Unfortunately, the store manager wasn’t around yet, so we decided to have lunch while waiting for her. We ordered the “favorites” – most of which were bestsellers and were recommended by the staff: Thai Spring Rolls, Tofu Teriyaki, General’s Chicken, Crispy Tilapia (which was unfortunately not in season so we had to remove it from our list), Beef Kare-Kare, Plain Rice, Chicken Canton and Iced Tea. It was a first for usat Recipes and truly, it did not disappoint. The food was amazing and we enjoyed everything to the last bite. Without having second thoughts, my now hubby and I decided that it was going to be our venue for the wedding banquet. When the store manager arrived, we asked her straight out if we could book the entire place for our reception. We explained to her that we were going to have a very intimate wedding (about 40-50 guests) so the place was the perfect location for it. Deep down, we were really desperate. Barely two months left and we still hadn’t got a reception!

The store manager needed to wait for the owner’s approval before accommodating our inquiry. The whole time we had our fingers-crossed; it was the perfect place we were looking for – the staff was very accommodating and pleasant, the ambiance was great and the food was amazing. Finally, a few minutes after making the call, the store manager told us we had the go signal. I almost hugged her after that.

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“Our wedding was perfect, moreso the celebration after.”

That afternoon, we told her of the number of guests we were expecting and even asked her if we could re-arrange the tables to make room for 40 people or so. All the food we ordered that day made up the menu that would be served after the wedding. We had four people seated in a table, and each table was served with the food we ordered. We kept in touch with the manager until the wedding day, December 13. She and the rest of the management didn’t even ask for a downpayment or anything as assurance. It was a sheer act of trust that amazes me the most up to this day. Our wedding was perfect, moreso the celebration after.

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“We ordered the ‘favorites’ that made up what would be served after the wedding.”

We had the entire place to ourselves for a whole two hours, just enough time for everyone to enjoy a scrumptious lunch while celebrating our special day with us. Everyone loved the food (there was so much food for each table, they had to bring some home), the staff did a great job at serving everything almost at the same time and the service they rendered was incomparable. Everyone had a great time. It truly was a perfect day.

My husband and I will be celebrating our First Anniversary as a wedded couple in a few month and we are planning to celebrate it with a special dinner at Recipes, Nuvali. Can’t wait!



Recipes is honored to have hosted such a special occasion. All photos are courtesy of Melissa Cruz-Javier. Thank you Melissa!

Recipes is honored to have hosted such a special occasion. All photos are courtesy of Melissa Javier-Cruz. Thank you Melissa!